Some of the music that helped inspire Ilyon Chronicles.

Character Music

Fight for Glory by X-Ray Dog—This is Jace’s theme. It starts out kind of low and dangerous, but grows to a stronger, more hopeful, triumphant tone that I think is perfect for Jace’s character growth through the series.

On My Own by Ashes Remain - This song not only fits Jace PERFECTLY, but it was a huge inspiration for Samara's Peril and the dungeon scene.

Not Alone by Red – Jace goes through so much pain and despair throughout Resistance and this song is kind of the “behind the scenes” of that struggle from Elôm’s (God’s) point of view. It really helped me to have that aspect of the story in my mind even though Jace wasn’t aware of it.

Right Here by Ashes Remain - Another good one for Jace. He just has to learn this is true of his relationship with God.

Change My Life by Ashes Remain - Yes, yet another song from Ashes Remain for Jace, which is why I dedicated Samara's Peril to the band. Their entire album, What I've Become, could almost be Jace's life soundtrack.

Lifeline by Katie Trotta - I think I came across this song on a fanmade music video and knew at once that it was perfect for Jace and Kyrin and had to be their song. :)

Something to Believe In by Gabriel Shadid - Jace and Kyrin's official theme song.

The Covenant by Non-Stop Music – This is Kyrin’s theme song. It starts out rather soft and kind of sad, but really picks up in the middle and for some reason always fit Kyrin well in my mind.

Atlantis by Two Steps from Hell - Marcus's them song.

Moments by Future World Music - Liam's theme song.

Path to Freedom by Audiomachine - William's theme song.

Enduring by Non-Stop Music - Timothy's theme song. SO perfect for him.

Mood Music

Martyr by Future World Music - I listened to this song on repeat while writing the second half of chapter 24 in Resistance.

Hurt by Thomas Bergersen - The song I listened to on repeat while writing and editing the end of chapter 18 in The King's Scrolls (and sobbing the whole time).

Tortured Heart by Gothic Storm - I listened to this song a lot while writing some of Jace's worst scenes in Samara's Peril.

Legend by Adrian von Ziegler - I chose Celtic music as the inspiration for crete style music.